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About Us


Over the years, Perry/Reece Casting has become a well-oiled machine. As soon as the team is presented with a project, they know the immediate course of action. Perry/Reece has cast over 100 feature films and received many awards and honors. They have also cast 300 television projects.

Most recently, they cast over 30 movies-of-the-week and miniseries a year. Within a short amount of time, they create lists for all of the lead roles. They have extensive files with lists for all different ages and genders. With so many years under their belt, Penny and Amy have developed strong relationships with all the top agencies.

When agents learn that Perry/Reece is casting a project, they know that it is one of class that they will want to submit their actors for. Perry/Reece Casting is synonymous with professionalism and quality. Between the four coworkers, they are familiar with all generations of actors and have fostered many careers.

Since Brooke Davis and Amy Reece started their careers as actresses, actors who come in to audition will be in the same room as actresses who have been in their shoes. Perry/Reece Casting also has over 3000 current demo reels in their library. They are familiar with casting online through electronic submissions and often send out virtual auditions.

All employees have a working knowledge of Breakdown Express, iMovie, and Nowcasting. Dealing with agents and checking availabilities has become second nature to Penny, Amy, Christine, and Brooke.

When one hires Perry/Reece Casting, they know they will be getting the best quality casting service possible.

Meet the Perry/Reece team

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