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The Team

Who We Are

Penny Perry

Penny Perry has been a casting director for twenty-five years and has cast over one hundred movies and is considered one of Hollywood's top "A-list" casting directors. She has been nominated for many awards and is a member of both the Motion Picture Academy and the Television Academy.


Ms. Perry has been active in Women in Film and the Independent Feature Project West for Independent Filmmakers. She has also held many high-profile executive positions, such as Vice President of Talent for Sony/Columbia Pictures, Vice President of Talent for HBO and presently the President of Talent for Larry Levinson Productions / Hallmark Channel.


Ms. Perry has also packaged movies for David Puttnam, Joe Roth, Ron Howard, Robert Redford, Wolfgang Peterson, Taylor Hackford, Alan Parker amongst others in addition to packaging television movies and series for Robert Halmi, Michael Jaffe, A & E Cable Network, and Larry Levinson for Hallmark Channel (where Ms. Perry has completed over 75 projects), Lifetime and Spike Cable Channels.


Some of her most noted movies are "Cocoon", "Ordinary People", "Midnight Express", "Young Guns", "The Jerk" and "Time Cop". Ms. Perry has been packaging talent and producing projects for the last five years. Ms. Perry produced "Hollywood Sign" with Tom Berenger, Burt Reynolds and Rod Steiger.


Many talented people credit their big break to Ms. Perry. Ms. Penny has consistently discovered many talented people including Michele Pfeiffer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Heather Graham, Judge Reinhold, Daryl Hannah, Mila Jovovitch, Dennis Quaid, Diane Lane, Linda Hamilton, Steve Guttenberg, Fred Savage, Robin Wright Penn, Timothy Hutton, Peter Gallagher, Elizabeth McGovern, Patrick Dempsey, Armand Assante, Brad Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel Ward and Kelly McGillis to name a few.


Amy Reece

After achieving a great amount of success as an actress, Amy decided to shift her focus to casting. She became partners with Penny Perry over a decade ago. The team has cast hundreds of projects together. Most recently, Amy has been casting movies-of-the-week and miniseries for Larry Levinson Productions, as well as Lifetime, Hallmark, Spike, Ion and the major networks.


With so many projects in the works, Amy still manages to take time to do what is most important to her--treat actors with kindness and respect. Amy maintains the philosophy that actors will do their best work when presented with an encouraging and supportive environment. Although Amy meets dozens of actors a day, she always greets each one with compassion and takes the time to make all feel welcome. Amy also provides brilliant direction in the audition room. She knows exactly what to say to get the best performance out of an actor.


Not only is Amy and incredible presence in the audition room, she is also a savvy businesswoman. Along the years, Amy has developed relationships with agents at all the top agencies. She is able to juggle working on several projects, putting out offers, conducting auditions and meeting with producers all with ease.


Brooke Davis

Brooke began her career as an actress, appearing opposite such familiar faces as Anthony Edwards, Peter Horton, Paul Winfield, Julianna Margulies, and Edward Asner. Brooke has tremendous compassion towards actors. She began working as an associate for Perry/Reece Casting more than seven years ago. She has a keen eye for talent and conducts most of the audition sessions.


With her years of acting experience, she is able to redirect actors if she finds a particular choice they have made is not working in a scene. Brooke then edits the actors' best take and prepares a reel to send off to producers. Brooke has helped cast over 100 movies-of-the-week, miniseries, and features. She has a remarkable knowledge of movies and talent from the 1920's through today.


Brooke's memory is unlike any other. Even though she has been casting for years, she is still able to remember precise details of when an actor has auditioned for her.

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